Where we are going


C.B. Auditores & Consultores is a multidisciplinary firm, offering a comprehensive service for all types of projects encompassed by a business.

Our people include economists, accountants, lawyers and engineers, collectively providing a plural service, tailored to the needs of businesses according to their size and sector in which they work.

We are living at a time in which cost savings, efficiency and growth – either into new markets, or new lines of business – are all key to competing in the market place, whether regionally, nationally or internationally. For this reason, our efforts are directed at offering our customers, both present and future, a broad range of services of intrinsic value; a trusted and personalised service, as well as opportunities and efficiency in operations, providing added value to the business.

In short, we are concerned with accompanying, protecting and providing security for the entrepreneur who is starting a new project,  the company that is going public, or the corporation that is expanding its business internationally, through a series of procedures, methodology and strategy which will allow each to achieve their objective goal.